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Bethany is a dynamic Catholic school committed to living Gospel values and incorporating a spirit of community. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual, encourage optimal learning and instil in our students, an appreciation of our environment.

Welcome to our Bethany Catholic Primary School website.

Bethany is the primary school associated with Padre Pio Parish, Glenmore Park. We recognise each child as being unique and formed in the image of God. We are a school community which fosters a friendly, trusting relationship between school, Parish and parents, for the ongoing development and benefit of each child.

Our school provides an excellent learning environment, facilitated by a team of professional and friendly staff, along with a very supportive parent community. Why not come over to Bethany and have a look around?

We invite you to continue your fundamental role as first educator of your children. The staff of Bethany aim to work in partnership with you and encourage you to be an active participant in the daily life of the school.

We aim to provide a quality education for the 21st Century. New approaches and skills are emerging for lifelong learning, and we will ensure that the best possible emphasis is given to improving each and every child’s learning, so that they are successful learners ready to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will join our dynamic school community in the future.



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    Our 600+ students, plus a large crowd of parents, grandparents and good friends of Bethany, gathered in the school hall today to welcome in the new school year. The students were exceptional yet again as they sat patiently and attentively throughout the ceremony.

    Our Year 6 students received their leadership badges to mark the special role and responsibility they have as senior students at Bethany. They are encouraged to wear this daily as a symbol of their leadership. Proud parents or grandparents were present to pin the badges on and take photos of this milestone in their lives.

    Another highlight was the Kinder children being welcomed as they sat with their Yr 6 buddies! The school leaders gave them a beautifully made badge while other teachers gave a special ‘certificate of welcome’ to the new families from grades 1-6.

    We also acknowledged Shivon Bagster and Lisa Howell, our World Youth Day pilgrims selected to represent Bethany, Padre Pio Parish and Parramatta Diocese in Poland later in the year.

     It was a great occasion and the Bethany community spirit was very evident.

    Congratulations everyone!

    Posted By Cassandra Powell at 19/2/16 2:02pm Permalink


    There is lots of talk about…. 

    No Homework ? vs Homework For Learners ?

    As a KID…. any word with “work” in it typically will NOT be met with eagerness or enthusiasm!

    As a student at Bethany, the children are always encouraged to WORK HARD and LEARN. However, HOMEWORK might generally be seen as an ugly word for some (both parents and children?) and thus creates negative attitudes to learning.

    Parents did it when they were at school… and either struggled through it, endured it or maybe even liked it. But what is the point of doing homework ? What purpose does it serve?

    Now if you are a LEARNERor see yourself as a ongoing learner, you might be enthused to continue your learning later in the day when finished at Bethany. Hopefully it is a POSITIVE experience that consolidates your overall learning and gets you into good learning habits with reading, writing or some Maths.

    However, if you are not interested in homework……….and there are numerous complaints from students and parents about it clashing with the many other commitments AFTER school (dance, football, cricket, family commitments etc) or it being boring, rote and pointless… leading to arguments and frustration by all concerned.

    It ends up creating a NEGATIVE impact rather than
    promoting a love of learning in the child!

    Whose responsibility is homework? It is the student’s role to complete the work. Parents can ensure it is done and to what standard of quality. It is a means of assisting parents in your  prime role as educators of your child. Teachers will certainly provide the homework suggestions and correct it if done.

    However, the days of chasing kids, then their parents and enforcing homework are over. If you are a keen learner and see the benefits, we expect it will usually get completed.

    If not, teachers will not be keeping students in class at recess and lunch to get it completed. The set learning times in the school day are intense and are our priority. Children need a short break for food, toilet and to re energise.

    So… No Homework ?  vs Homework For Learners ?

    Posted By Ted Langford at 3/2/16 9:36am Permalink



    So what does that mean?

    At Bethany, we continually gather huge amounts of data about individual students- from NAPLAN, from EYA (Early Years Assessments), PAT-R (Reading), attendance, Special Learning Needs, classroom observations, various class/ grade assessments, etc.

    So what do we do with it?

    Well some data might assist with improving our teaching, some might give further insight into students and their learning needs while other data provides ‘where to from here’ information.

    The next BIG step is to put a FACE TO THE DATA. For example, we might say the bottom 10% of a certain grade might struggle with inferential comprehension…… Great… we need to do something about it!

    BUT WHO are the 10%?  WHICH students are we talking about?

    The learning difficulties can be more precisely addressed if we personally know the student- their strengths/ weaknesses/ interests/ history of intervention. We can personalise a response, some learning goals, tailor intervention processes and increase engagement in their learning. WE KNOW THEM!!  PERSONALLY!!

    Lyn Sharratt is a researcher who works with our diocese. She wrote:


    1. Shared beliefs and understandings.

    a. Each student can achieve high standards given the right time and the right support.

    b. Each teacher can teach to high standards given the right assistance.

    c. High expectations and early and ongoing intervention are essential.

    d. Teachers and administrators need to be able to articulate what they do and why they teach the way they do (adapted from Hill & Crévola, 1999).

    2. Embedded literacy/instructional coaches.

    3. Daily, sustained focus on literacy instruction.

    4. Principal instructional leadership.

    5. Early and ongoing intervention.

    6. Case management approach: Data walls, case-by case meetings.

    7. Professional learning at school staff meetings.

    8. In-school grade/subject meetings: Collaborative marking of student work.

    9. Centralised resources.

    10. Commitment of district and school budgets for literacy learning and resources.

    11. Action research/collaborative inquiry.

    12. Parental and community involvements

    13. Cross-curricular literacy connections in each subject area.

    14. Shared responsibility and accountability.

    Source: Sharratt & Fullan, 2006, 2009, 2012.

    At Bethany, we DO all of these …..

    Some of the above practices are embedded in our literacy/ numeracy/ and other KLAs while others are strongly emerging as we continue to deepen the impact of our teaching / learning to improve all student achievement.

    Mr Ted Langford
    Bethany Catholic Primary School
    Posted By Ted Langford at 11/2/15 9:15am Permalink

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    Bethany Catholic Primary School
    34-38 William Howell Drive
    Glenmore Park NSW 2745

    Postal Address
    PO Box 8134
    Glenmore Park NSW 2745

    4723 3700

    4733 5079

    Catholic Out of School Hours Care

    0409 133 213

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Policies & Procedures

Bethany Primary has a number of school-based policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our school life. These provide the framework within which we operate with relation to a number of key issues.

Policies & Procedures

  • Bethany Primary has a number of school-based policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our school life. These provide the framework within which we operate with relation to a number of key issues.

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