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Welcome to Bethany Catholic Primary


School tour time opportunities by appointment only

Phone: 4733 5299 - Office Hours 8:00am - 3:15pm


Catering for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6, Bethany Catholic Primary, Glenmore Park, is situated in a quiet community, providing a peaceful backdrop for its 610 students.

Students at Bethany thrive in a stimulating and contemporary learning environment that is founded on authentic Catholic values and traditions. We provide a supportive and rewarding learning environment for our students.



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Child protection training module for parents
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Year 1 Access Code: jduus
Bookings Open Wed 31st May and close Fri 9th June

Kinder, Year 2 - 6
Access Code: e3p9f
Bookings Open Mon 5th June and close Friday 23rd June


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