On the 3rd of September, our kindergarten students got to visit Taronga zoo. Throughout term 2 students have been learning about animals and their habitats. Students were very excited to see some of their favorite animals such as monkeys, giraffes and of course the lions!

Students and staff had a great time learning new things about each animal as well as learning how we can protect each animal's habitat. Taronga embeds sustainability in all the core of our activities each student participates in. Taronga prioritises ecological sustainability for the protection of natural environments and acts as a model for others. Many students walked away from this excursion wanting to “save our animal friends”

Students, as well as the Taronga crew, agreed on a pledge to have an absolute commitment to the conservation of wildlife. Students also learned that Taronga zoo is committed to the conservation of native species, with active involvement in breeding and releasing programs, habitat recovery and the rehabilitation and releasing of injured or orphaned wildlife.

As the day came to an end everyone was very tired but eager to come visit the zoo again. Many leaving with big smiles and all wanting to be a wildlife warrior!