Love Learning


We are blessed at Bethany to have a staff who pursue their love of learning with a passion. Our staff spend an enormous amount of time working, planning and preparing for the students... and most of this time is on the weekends and in the holidays!! Parents and students do not see this dedication and time commitment unless you happen to be married to a teacher!

All of our teachers have been challenged about their individual professional learning goals for the year, their impact on students in their class, the importance of relationships in learning and quality assessments which aim at knowing each child personally.

Professional Learning at Bethany is an enormous priority since it is the teacher standing there in front of the class who can ensure success or failure. That is why we put a huge emphasis on professional learning, so that our teachers are the very best and most capable teachers possible.

A great teacher can do wonders for a large class of say 33 students, working with limited resources, while a poor teacher can work with say 15 children, surrounded with technology and have support all around but still fail since a poor teacher is a poor teacher. It isn’t about class size, the amount of resources, the support teachers available, culture of the school or whatever…. it is the teacher in front of the students who will make the difference with their learning.

We are truly blessed at Bethany to have our present teams of teachers and support staff who are just so passionate about the learning and who strive daily to give every Bethany child an opportunity to personally excel with their learning.