Students at Bethany Primary benefit from an education that is cooperative, vibrant and engaging. Learning is centred on the individual and diverse needs of our students. They are prepared for a life of ongoing learning, and are constantly challenged to think for themselves and use 21st Century learning methods.

As well as being focused on classroom learning, Bethany students have access to a great variety of learning opportunities, both in and outside the classroom.

Bethany Primary follows the Religious Education syllabus for Catholic schools, prescribed by the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, titled Sharing Our Story. In line with syllabus documents from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), the Religious Education syllabus requires students, at various stages, to achieve certain outcomes in the areas of God, Jesus, Sacraments, Prayer, Scripture and Church. Importantly, the syllabus requires that teaching/learning activities cater for the different learning styles and levels of ability of the children.

At Bethany, we aim to integrate the school's Religious Education program into the whole curriculum. This is to ensure that the children come to follow Jesus in the Catholic tradition, developing values and attitudes that could be described as essentially Catholic. Meaningful lessons in Religious Education are part of the school day, and Gospel values and attitudes permeate all aspects of school life.

Children have the opportunity to celebrate liturgies, which reflect the liturgical seasons and the life of the school. They also participate in reconciliation and prayer times as part of the school day. Grade liturgies are held throughout the year. This is an opportunity for parents to pray with the Bethany community.

The parish facilitates family-centred First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation programs for the children, and the school supports these initiatives within its Religious Education program.

A dynamic and diverse curriculum

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) approved curriculum at Bethany is designed to engage students in learning, while challenging them to develop new skills and competencies.

Our teaching staff tailors learning programs to specific student needs through ongoing assessment and evaluation. Areas for student improvement are identified and future lessons are designed to maximise student learning.

Literacy and learning support are available to students with specific needs, including students with communication, vision or hearing problems and for those learning English as a second language.

Bethany also runs a ‘gifted and talented’ enrichment program, allowing students to expand their learning opportunities. 

All learning experiences are reflective of Bethany’s statement of learning:

At Bethany, we believe that learning is meaningful and effective when:

  • Gospel values are ever-present
  • individual differences are accepted and valued
  • spiritual, academic, physical, social, and emotional needs are met
  • all thinking and processing styles are employed so as to meet the diverse needs of all learners within the community
  • the ownership of learning is encouraged and nurtured through the development of independence
  • the environment is positive, encouraging and stimulating
  • children are empowered to develop positive self-evaluation skills
  • children are willing to take learning risks and see challenges as opportunities for personal growth
  • there is true partnership and communication between home and school
  • education is seen as a lifelong journey

By using technology as a learning tool in classrooms, Bethany students are provided with skills that will prepare them for future learning.

The internet is a powerful tool that provides students with instant access to a variety of quality resources and links them to the wider community. We are equipped with the latest technology to ensure students have the access required to complete relevant and stimulating learning tasks.

Key Features:

  • Bethany Primary is wireless throughout, with students having access to laptops, allowing for mobile classrooms
  • The school library is equipped with desktop computers and an interactive whiteboard, to assist students in their learning and research
  • Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and internet access
  • Digital still cameras and digital video cameras create many opportunities for creative learning
  • Access to CENet, the diocese’s online software, is provided to support learning.

Opportunities for students in Information Technology

  • Integrated units that use Information Technology to support learning
  • Information Technology integrated into literacy and mathematics
  • Class web pages
  • UNSW Computer Skills competition

A balanced education with skills for life

A quality, Catholic education is one that provides more than the basics and allows students to benefit from a wide range of learning experiences.

Our students participate in a number of co-curricular activities, including:

  • Maths, English and Science competitions
  • Voice of Youth public speaking competition
  • Hawkesbury Eisteddfod
  • Nepean Zone Creative Arts Festival
  • environmental awareness activities, such as Clean Up Australia Day and Stream Watch

In keeping with the school’s Catholic motto of ‘In Christ we Love and Serve’, students at Bethany are involved in various social justice initiatives. The Justice and Fairness for All (JAFFA) committee is a student body that promotes justice within the school, giving them a primary level of responsibility and awareness of injustices in the broader community. Our students contribute to their local community in meaningful ways, promoting justice and fairness for all. 

Activities include:

  • visits with the elderly
  • recycling
  • worm farming
  • fundraising for Project Compassion during Lent (Caritas Australia’s major annual fundraising campaign for global aid)
  • knitting for Red Cross comfort bears

The Bethany school library is an integral component of a thriving teaching and learning community. The library is equipped with desktop computers and an interactive whiteboard to assist students in their learning and research.

It provides a stimulating and friendly environment, where children are encouraged to discover information and become confident lifelong learners, while developing a love of literature.

The library is operational every day, with each class visiting for an hour each week. The library is also open at lunchtimes when children are encouraged to read, play board games or use the library computers in an appropriate manner.

Students wear sports uniforms on two days each week. Bethany students are provided with a wide range of opportunities to develop skills and knowledge of games.

We offer a variety of sporting choices so all students can discover their passions and talents. These include:

  • cricket
  • basketball
  • soccer
  • cross country
  • rugby league
  • netball
  • gymnastics
  • swimming
  • athletics

Bethany has representative teams in the following sports:

  • basketball
  • netball
  • soccer
  • rugby league